Academy of Orthodontic Assisting
Academy of Orthodontic Assisting
The Academy of Orthodontic Assisting began as an idea in 1997 when Dr. Doug Depew, of Kennesaw, Georgia, found it extremely difficult to hire new assistants who had experience for his rapidly growing practice ( Like other doctors, he found that hiring people and training them from scratch was extremely time consuming, frustrating, and usually not as effective and thorough as he would have wished.
After a year and a half of developing curriculum, study materials, audiovisuals, and tests, we went through a thorough certification process with the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission of Georgia. Our first class in the summer of 1998 consisted of three young ladies. All three were enthusiastic about their new careers, learned quickly, and were even hired before the class finished. As the word spread to colleagues around the Atlanta orthodontic community, we found that they were very excited about the new source for motivated, well-trained assistants. Many began sending us their own employees to train and referring prospective employees to us for training prior to hiring them.
Academy of Orthodontic Assisting
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