Academy for Sports Dentistry
Academy for Sports Dentistry
The Academy for Sports Dentistry was founded in 1983 in San Antonio, Texas, as a forum for dentists, physicians, trainers, coaches, dental technicians, and educators interested in exchanging ideas related to Sports Dentistry and the dental needs of athletes at risk to sports' injuries.
Activities include the collection and dissemination of information on dental athletic injuries and the encouragement of research on the prevention of dental injuries to athletes.
The Academy boasts an international membership of over 800 members, many of whom are former athletes involved in a wide variety of research activities or with a strong interest in this field of study.
Academy for Sports Dentistry
Shelly Lott
Executive Secretary
118 Faye Street,
Farmersville, Illinois 62533
Phone: (800) 273-1788 (inside USA)
(217) 227-3431 (outside USA)
Fax: (217) 227-3438
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